Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend, Scmeekend

Scary Pumpkin Skeleton, held by World Renowned Wrestler Dane Michael Hendrickson
The accomplishments over the weekend were minimal compared to the rest of the week, but it's strongly outweighed by Patty's very much needed 20 hour nap!
But we were able to:
  • Get both vehicles back in the garage (just in time for it to start freezing here!),
  • Take care of some ministry work at church,
  • Contact some grandparents who aren't electronically connected to let them know we are going to get Isaac,
  • Put the door stop back on the front door that has been broken since 2007!!!
  • Talk to another adoptive family that is looking at going with the same agency and had some questions on the process and how things worked.
  • And best of all, spend some quality time together!
 And then today, Patty went to the doctor and got clearance to fly on the 20th, along with six prescriptions. A trip to the pharmacy, well actually two that were funnier than snot (yes, snot).  And some more work accomplishments.

This next weekend Aunt Laura and Uncle Ryan will take Dane overnight and then Grandma will take Dane on a train ride in the morning and then come back and exhaust us with all of his exciting news of the weekend.  And of course, we will get to spend some time together without the kiddo which will be a nice break from Phineas and Ferb (although lately, I've been turning it to PnF when I'm all alone, so I guess there's a risk we might be watching it then).

I'm not counting the days until I leave, but instead the days until we come home, so we are 20 days from Isaac's gotcha day, the day he becomes a US Citizen, the day we have all been waiting for.  I feel like I need an "American"playlist on the iPod to play for him as we are walking through the customs gate in Seattle, as I am sure the person there will probably not give him the "Welcome to the USA" that Mommy would want for him.  And if he's crying too loud, then I can listen to it and pretend he's enjoying it too. :)

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