Sunday, October 16, 2011

5...4...Tomorrow is 3...

Wow, the countdown is on!

Lots accomplished this weekend!
  • Drop of books at The Book Parlor, and say hello to Casey!
  • Opened up the secret entrance into the boys room (the front closet opens to their closet and then into their room.  So the "passageway" is open!
  • Move the furniture around so that Isaac has his own dresser.
  • Straightened up the laundry room
  • Straightened up the guest bedroom and went through the toys and brought a bunch into the playroom!
  • Shopping for the items on "the" list
  • Weekly E-Mealz shopping trip
  • More shopping to get {almost} the last items on the list
  • New pants for Dane, that boy just keeps growing!
  • Date Night
  • Celebrate Uncle Mark's debut on the front page of the local paper!
  • Consolidating our clothes into one closet
  • Moving Patty's clothes back to the other closet because the bar in our master bedroom broke
  • A trip to Goodwill with a truck full of donations
  • Clean the deck
  • Clean the garage
  • Decide on gifts for the caregivers, Necklaces from StrangeFire Studios, made by the aunties!!!
  • Take the last items from the garage sale (wine glasses) to the neighbors, as they had asked for them
  • And the normal...Dishes, Laundry, Family Time, Reading, Cooking, Cleaning...

Dane had an ultra exciting weekend at Aunt Laura and Uncle Ryan's, staying the night Saturday night and then on Sunday going with all of the cousins and Grandma and Grandpa on a train ride to Metalline Falls. He was so tired, but he still helped with the baby proofing and putting a way of a few last items.

The last "big" project left is  cleaning my office. Well that and finishing up packing.  I'm indecisive on which bags to take, so until that is decided, I am on hold.  You would think with all of the traveling I do, this would be just a little more work, but as it turns out, it's WAAAAYYYY more work. 

With three days left, I am confident that all will be completed at home.  This week, well let's just say the fire is going to be turned up at work...Pray for me to keep me work-life balance fair for all.

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