Sunday, October 2, 2011

Special Operation Swift Espresso Eclipse Extraction Addition

We got THE call, we can now go pick up Isaac!!!!

I was reading a blog of another couple who adopted from the same foster home and they started naming each step toward bringing their boys home in terms of special operations, so I decided I would hop on that bandwagon.  It often seems like a special operation with all of the planning, paperwork, sign off, coordination, etc.!!!  Each of the names of the operation were used to describe real special ops involving Ethiopia over the last fifty years by the US and/or the UN.

A few weeks ago in church, we were taking about what types of jobs people are "called" to vs. getting a job etc.

So when we "got THE call" I had to laugh a bit.  We are still ironing out the details, but Special Operation Swift Espresso Eclipse Extraction Addition (SOSEEEA for short) is in full planning mode.

Isaac will be home in time for the next widely celebrated holiday in the US.  In fact, his first full day in the US will be Halloween.  Hopefully we don't have any scarey trick or treaters.

We can't explain how or why, but the Embassy completed their investigation approximately 5 1/2 months early.  No one here is complaining, in fact, we are pretty ecstatic.  But of course, that will make for a very busy next 2 1/2 weeks as we prepare.  We almost have the boys' rooms ready to go, the fridge is cleaned, we have begun shopping for the items the foster home and orphanage have put on the list as needed, so the only thing we might be behind on is sleep.

Anyhow, thought we should share the good news!


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