Sunday, October 23, 2011

48 Hours - Ethiopian Style

In the last 48 hours, I have (in the following order):
  • Met and befriended a National Geographic photographer (or maybe he has befriended me),
  • Flown over 10,000 miles,
  • Learned some interesting tidbits about Ethiopian politics,
  • Learned how to put on flip flops while wearing socks (it's about force and determination),
  • Unpacked and repacked 4 suitcases,
  • Listened to beautiful music from a local mosque and orthodox church, at the same time, 
  • Reunited with our son Isaac who was warm with welcomes and ready for me!
  • Fed Isaac for the first time!  And it was to the point where he was telling me "more, more" (when before he would look at us like we are crazy to think he would ever eat with us),
We like the fishes 'cuz they're so delicious...

  • Was asked by a woman living on the streets to take her children please (in English, probably the only English she knows),
  • Seen the family from Wisconsin who had a very sick four month old in the hospital when we left trip.  I am happy to say have two healthy children and are here to take home them home! (I'm pretty sure our cases got grouped with theirs and that is why our paperwork moved extraordinarily quick).
  • Took and sent pictures of the children from the foster home who's parents we met when we were here last time.  Their camera has been broken, and as I found out today, Isaac broke it, so they should be better off tomorrow since I have a new camera for them!
  • Spoke with Kevin and Dane and Dane told me he wishes he could jump far enough to get over here to give me a biiiiiggggg hug!

So let's just say it's been an emotional two days, but I am happy to have been blessed with them!

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  1. I am so happy for Isaac and family. What an incredible future this young man has with you, Kevin and Dane. Go Patty!