Friday, October 7, 2011

Busy as a Beaver...Or a Crocodile as Dane Likes to Say

More and More and More....That's what it feels like:
  • New Mirror for the F150, oil change and troubleshooting on issue
  • Made a GREAT stew!  Everyone ate it without complaint!
  • Lots more work-work accomplished and a big project is winding down!
  • Kevin had 2x as many patients as a normally busy day, 4 of them new patients!
  • Made a fun project with Dane that is a game too.  Seems kinda like he makes up the rules as he goes, but that's okay.  It's fun.
  • Purchase the stroller and final decor (including bedding) for they boys' bedroom (this was painful, as I had to make sure I got the best deal on everything, and probably spent 10 hours over the last two weeks on searching upon searching)
  • The boys put the train set back together in the playroom.
  • Taught Dane some things you can and can't do with little brothers.  (Yes to putting weird socks on them, no to spitting in their eyes - You're welcome Paul) ;)
  • Camera for the Foster Home arrived!
  • Laundry supplies arrived!
  • Bought supplies for orphanage at Spokane Discount.
  • And re-prioritized list of things to do before we leave.
  • I'm working on ordering photos to put in the frames we have had for a while and finish up some decor around the house I have bought, but never put up. 
Tomorrow's agenda includes some big items on the list, and we hope to take Dane to eat at the local Ethiopian Restaurant and explain to him how the food tastes different and how this will be what Isaac is used to and what all of our food will seem like to him (strange, flavorful, and sometimes hurt a boys tummy).

I'm thinking it will seem like a million times busier every day with two busy little boys, but I can't wait!

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