Saturday, September 20, 2014

Why Is Mommy Getting Smaller?

Such an innocent question with such a theological answer.

FYI...I'm NOT saying that this is God's message for you, I'm saying it's God's message for me. 

You see when Kevin and I decided to adopt, we both had this sense of God calling us to this. This was part of the purpose for our lives.  And while it's been painful, a lot of work, it took money, time and effort, it's been so clear that our family was called to adopt. "I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you." The amount of blessings we have seen and been a part of through this process is astrometric.  

So why does Isaac asking me why I'm getting smaller have anything to do with this? Obedience. 

I had been ignoring God's prompts for a while that I needed to get healthier.  Psalms 75:4 - They had no struggles, their bodies were healthy and strong. And Luke 12:23 - For life is more than food...

I'd tried, but I learned this journey needed to be shared. I needed an expert to help and teach me. This weight loss thing is not easy, it's painful, it's a lot of time, effort and money (food, healthy food does not go on sale). But it's clear to me my obedience in caring for the body God gifted me is the right thing for me, right now.

And each time I start to feel discouraged I go back to these verses and I look at the measurements and where I started.  That I couldn't run before 6/22 and now I run several miles a week less than three months later. 

If I'm running and I think "I can't" I think of people who actually can't. Those who were maimed in war, those who are too sick and I start running or lifting weights for them. Having the ability to do these things is a priveledge that I no longer take for granted.  

Yes I said almost all of this to my four year old. He only interrupted 4 million times, but I'm pretty sure he got 100% of the message. :). Okay maybe just "God told Mommy to do this Mommy didn't (Mommy diversion to story about Jonah), Mommy is now obeying and seeing an abundance of blessings.

But I couldn't do it without all of the support I've thank you for your part in making Mommy smaller.

PS-I thought I would share a photo of the sweat blessing. Post run bliss. :)