Monday, May 12, 2014

Iris is One Less!

We just received the orphan verification letter regarding Iris' case.  The fantastic news is that there is One Less orphan in this world today!!!

As a part of Kevin and I perusing her case, they were able to find extended family of Iris and Iris has been re-unified with her extended biological family!  This is such a blessing because as things were proceeding it became apparent her documentation was probably lost and her file would have to be rebuilt.  And A LOT could happen in 5 years, so it was becoming more and more unlikely she would have the proper documentation to be adopted internationally.   But the best thing that could possibly happen is for extended family to care for her. She is no longer INSTITUTIONALIZED, no longer an ORPHAN!

When Kevin and I first started this process, we knew it would be a battle each step of the way, but we felt called to her and her case.  As a result, she was reunified with her biological family along with a few other children.  We are thankful for the checks and balances that exist that do not allow children to leave their birth country if there are options available to them otherwise.  This is a BLESSING!

However, please continue to pray for her and the reunification.  This process will be difficult and we pray that it works well for all involved.  Also, Dane is taking this really hard.  He was really looking forward to her being part of our family, so his heart is very heavy.  Please pray that he can see the blessing in this.

And the question we keep getting asked is "What will you do now?" and we don't have an answer just yet.  We will continue to pray and ask for God's discernment for what He will have for our family.  While Iris will always hold a special place in our hearts, we know this is what God intended and we feel blessed to have been able to help her find her family from 10,000 miles away!