Friday, October 21, 2011

SOS (EEEA) Commence...

After a brief stop in Seattle, it's almost time to head to the airport and get rolling.  This week was VERY busy, including trying to get the last minute items complete and finishing up work projects, house projects and some good family bonding before our entire world changes.  Sorry for the lack of sharing this part of the journey.  Two almost overnighters catching up on work really made it so that I didn't get around to blogging...

We received a wonderful anonymous card in the mail with a $500 check.  I opened it a couple hours after some not so nice things were said/done to me, and I got pretty choked up.  I stand in awe to think of how awesome this person is and how God has blessed us by their presence and at just the right time.  The day before I left.  Since the garage sale we have had several donations that have now made it so the water project will move forward.  I will meet with the attorney's in Addis Ababa and discuss what the best way to handle it.  Clean water seems so simple here, but it's really not across the rest of the world.  We buy water out of bottles, they get water out of contaminated lakes, rivers or non-sterilized rain catcher tanks.  Given the drought in Northern Africa right now, the rain catchers are not able to be used as much, so this leads to finding other sources of water, which leads to more illnesses.  We are so blessed to have the "guarantee" that water will come out of the faucet when we turn or pull up the handle and the rarity that that water will contain a parasite, etc.

All of the support (financially, emotionally, timewise, etc.) that you have provided is helping us to help others, which is what it's all about right?  We aren't here on this planet to become self absorbed and self loathing, but to be a blessing to others.  (Yes, I claim Abraham's promise!)  We feel to blessed to have this opportunity and to be getting Isaac so much sooner than we expected!

So what we would ask for you to keep in your thoughts and prayers are:
  • Dane to know he is loved through this transition and for him to not feel marginalized,
  • Isaac to be able the grieve the losses he is about to experience, but to embrace the love he is about to encounter,
  • For my safety and health during the trip and when I return,
  • For Kevin and Dane to get alone wonderfully and be prepared for our return,
  • For my trip to be fruitful and for Isaac and I to bond, specifically for him to trust me to eat and care for him, and
  • For God to reveal himself to us through the next stages of this process.
Again, thank you all.  I can't even explain the love and support we feel.

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