Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nesting, eh?

It feels like I am nesting right now...So many things on my mind to be done, this deadline quickly approaching (two weeks exactly until I take off), and accomplishing a ton!

It's 51 degrees here today and 72 in Addis.  I'm thinking Isaac's going to need a coat right away!

Today's list, for your viewing pleasure:
  • Car's 36k service + battery check + oil change + alignment = good to go!
  • Major progress at work!
  • Some reports for church complete,
  • Go through and sort ALL of the kids clothes, shoes, etc. downstairs and FOUND...
  • Halloween costumes, shoes, blankets for the orphanage, hats, bottles, toys,
  • And lots and lots of memories thinking of Dane wearing those clothes, oh man...
  • And the best part, is that they are now all organized by size, in bins, with the smallest on top and largest on bottom, so when we need them it should be a quick change out!  I thought I had done this when I put them away, but it appears that I may have been really tired when I put his clothes away!
So Isaac's first full day in the US, he will either be a bumble bee or cookie monster...just depends on his size. :)

It's beginning to look a lot like October.

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