Friday, February 4, 2011

Dossier - 3 exceptions and then it's done!

Last week I reported that we were all done with our dossier, just needed a couple of signatures, yeah, well how times changed over the last week.

So, yesterday we completed all of the paperwork for our dossier and shipped it off.  It seems a little silly that at the last minute we had two documents to redo, but we did.  I hear this is almost always the case.

Our agency reviewed the paperwork from Bank of America last Friday and told us that 26 pages of translating small print would probably not be something that could be done quickly, so they recommended we get a document signed by our home study social worker that covered the information in a more basic format.  Done Monday.  Copies of all the documents made. Ready to go.

Except, then on Tuesday, I was going through the document listing and found one more document that was missing, and found out it also had to be done by the home study social worker.  Now mind you, this means she has to print out the document, get it approved by her agency, and then go to a notary and get the document signed.  She lives on the other side of town, so then we have to get back together, I have to make 4 copies of everything and then...(insert deep breath here).

Wednesday evening we had all of the documents in hand, Thursday afternoon the package was overnight-ed to the WA Dept of Apostille of the Business Division for the process where they make sure the notary really is notary, and the notarization was done correctly, the document looks authentic and then they send it back to us.  We had 28 documents to do this with, and at $15 a pop, holy cow, we spent $420 yesterday to prove the paperwork we have spent the last 7-8 months on is real and true.  We had one document go through this process and is already back in AZ, the cost was only $3 a document.  Another reason to love Arizona.

And Friday morning, FedEx confirmation that the paperwork is at the WA Dept of Apostille of the Business Division, I called to see when I could expect the paperwork back.  The person who answered the phone was looking at our file and said she was almost done...

Except...I sent an Oregon document, Dane's Birth Certificate, to WA State and they can't approve that, so I have filled out all of the new paperwork for Oregon, find another copy of his birth certificate I ordered, write my $10 check and am heading off to FedEx for lunch.

Examples of pictures for the dossier:

Guest Bedroom

Living Room
Dane had some dental surgery on Monday and it went well, but along with finalizing the dossier, regular every day life and Dane's dental surgery, I am very thankful it is Friday and we can have a few days to decompress.

As usual, we'll keep you posted!

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