Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekly Update: No News is Good News

This week's update: No news is good news.  Nothing to report from Ethiopia.  I imagine that people are translating our 1.5 lbs of documents away. :)

Today at church our Youth director announced our new Youth intern is from Ethiopia and speaks the native language (there are actually many, so I am excited to hear which one).  You can't imagine how excited we are.  As you know, Dane is obsessed with Ethiopia.  So when Dane finds out, I think Dave Rier might have to compete for Dane's Sunday morning and Wednesday evening devotion!

Dane's dental work has been completed now and we are now starting weekly physical therapy appointments for his eye.

The British call Amblyopia "Squinty Eye." Case in Point.
We aren't letting any grass grow under our feet while we wait, but we are certainly praying Dane's little brother or sister can come home to us soon!  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers too!

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