Friday, February 11, 2011

Definition of Complete: From Dictionary.Com


[kuhm-pleet]  adjective, verb, -plet·ed, -plet·ing.
having all parts or elements; lacking nothing; whole; entire; full

Good News: All documents have passed muster.  (Do you like that April? I found another way to get muster into the conversation!)

Not So Good News: Last post was incorrect, Dossier NOT Complete based on the above definition.  

I think I was using my definition of complete before.  Complete = Patty is done, she does not want to find any more papers, documents, pictures, etc. etc.  

But in the true sense of complete...Kevin and I will be at Costco tonight to get the last piece of the puzzle, 2 passport style pictures of each of us for the Ethiopian Government and Orphanage to put our pictures on the front cover of the file...There was a chance that we were going to have to redo 3 of the documents, which would have added time and expense, so we are thankful this is not the case.  Passport photos at Costco, $5/person.

Our agency is located in Colorado, A Love Beyond Borders, but we are blessed enough for our coordinator to live 5 minutes from our home, so she is going to meet us and put our package on it's way this evening...Praise God!

So, the last big decision of the day...To celebrate with a Hot Dog or Pizza????

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