Thursday, January 27, 2011

Immigration Approved - Finalizing Dossier...Can Someone Pinch Us?

This week has been EXTREMELY crazy, let's just say really, really, really. Both Patty and Kevin's work has been busy, Dane has been really excitable, 3 birthday parties, several committee and sub-committee meetings, 3 days of on-site for Patty, AND....

THE USCIS APPROVAL!!!!  Kevin and I now have the seal of approval from the US Government to bring our child into the US and they will be a US Citizen when we arrive in the US Embassy in Addis Abba!  Can you say exciting?

Our agency called today and asked where we were at.  I said, we just have a couple of documents to get notarized and then we should be ready to go.  She said we have another few weeks before the process will be delayed by the rainy season this summer, so we are a go, finalizing the dossier tomorrow and then we are 2 weeks or less before our papers will be in Ethiopia.  (Anyone else thinks it's neat that this will be approximately Valentine's Day?)

Example of Dane's craziness: An entire box of Costco Band-aids, I don't think I have ever made a rule about Bandaids before, but in case you are wondering, Band-aids require having blood on your person in the Hendrickson household.  Dane has been having growing pains and they have been really painful for him (going from size 3 to size 7-8 in 9 months  can be rough on a guy), so we have let him put Band-aids on where it hurts...until this week.  He took the entire box and I am still finding wrappers around the house.

But he's sooo cute...Especially with 4 layers of Bandaids on his forehead.

We will update the blog when we have the dossier completed and the paperwork is in Olympia!