Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr Day 2011

Somehow I think next year's Martin Luther King Jr. Day will have a different presence.  I feel like I will plan for it better.  I feel like we will have a plan to go to the peace walk downtown.

He's made such a difference in my life, knowing how he stood up for what was right at the risk of his life, his family and definitely his comfort.  In a country where being a Christian is less and less popular, it's so good to know that Dr. King's life is still celebrating, even by people who do not know how much his faith played into what they respect about him so much.

If you have ever been to Atlanta and been to the King Center, you have seen the history of such an amazing man. Every time I go to Atlanta I try to make it to the National Park Services King Center and walk the path of peace and stand in the church he pastored and listen to his wonderful words of wisdom. What he stood for and what I stand for are one and the same, "It's all about love." Live his legacy today and love your neighbor, love your family and love the Lord your God.

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