Thursday, December 30, 2010

Patty's Passport is Back!!!

Mail contents from 12/24/10:
  • Partners International child card update,
  • DM2 - Make your own Christmas Party present ($100)
  • Patty's new and improved US Passport!
So, when I made copies of my passport in November to be notarized as true copy documents, I made the mistake of sending off my passport before I took it to get notarized...which does not work, because the notary is notarizing the copy saying "this matches to the real document that is IN FRONT OF ME."  Anyhow, lessons learned, right?  We found a way around it, but I have been holding out hope that the passport would come quickly, and it has!  The funny thing is that I saw the mail and wondered "What is the US Government sending me today?" without a thought that this was my passport.  It only took 3 weeks!!!  And it was a WONDERFUL Christmas Eve present!

PS - Update on my last minute Christmas shopping. I learned via email those little boys LOVED their new clothes and their Mom was very appreciative.

Mail from 12/24/10

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