Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - The Year of Isaac

2011 was an amazingly quick year.  It feels like just yesterday we were telling you we were embarking on our international adoption journey and now Isaac is home and adjusted pretty well and we are so blessed.
Isaac, Age 2

Senior Portrait, note the hand in his pocket. It says it all!

Don't let his happy face fool you.  He did not like lunch this day!

Sometimes we have to stop and think, wow, he's only been home for 6...7...8...9 weeks, so it's okay if he {insert not so good action here}.  It's amazing to think that it was only in March that we first saw his cute little face in an email, and almost immediately following that our case was held up because of the change in staffing in Ethiopia and then the US Government changes, yet here we are home with him.

It's also hard to think that it was just a few months ago that we traveled 20,000 miles together to meet Isaac for the first time, and then have the HUGE garage sale and then I traveled the 20,000 miles to pick our little man and bring him home.  It's amazing how the access to world class medical care, supplies and doctors healed many of Isaac's issues so quickly too.  Sometimes we wonder if God brought him home sooner, because he needed the immediate medical attention.

Today we went to the mall and we ran into another family with a little boy from Ethiopia.  I actually had bought the same hat in Ethiopia for Isaac as the little boy was wearing, so it was pretty need to see how the two boys interacted and how the parents and siblings were so excited to see another Ethiopian-American family!

As we look to 2012, I am almost immediately heading back to work, the boys are heading to my Aunt's while we work.  More changes and more blessings I am sure.

But the part of 2012 we really hope to see is how God will use our knowledge and experience to bless others.  There are still other children waiting to come home of families we met and know, and yet other children, waiting to be matched to a family and come home.  While our prayer is that Ethiopia will be able to keep more of the children in their families and in their country, with 1/6 of the population orphaned, we pray that international adoptions can continue to move forward and more children can have families that care for them and love them.

We pray God will bless you in 2012 as much as he has blessed us!!!

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