Friday, December 16, 2011

Change for a Good Cause - Love

Today is one of those days where Isaac needs to be held and interacted with all day long.  We had made plans to go out, but we cancelled those after the dog made a mess of the carpet and I saw how much Isaac needed to stay home.  Some examples:

  • He can't get close enough - he's tried climbing over the top of me to see if he could get closer.  
  • He has said Mama about every 5-10 seconds for the last hour. No I am not kidding.
  • He has not been more than about two steps behind me if we go anywhere.

And since I am a person who appreciates personal space and schedules, this can sometimes get a little overwhelming.  But all it seems to take is that little smile to win me over.  Poor little guy has a molar and an eye tooth coming through at the same time and he's quite the trooper, but it's taking a toll on him.

When I look at the "sacrifices" we have made to bring Isaac into our family, I can take one look at a photo or a memory like the one below and know of the many blessings our little "Isaac Bissac" brings us and know this was exactly why God called us to this.
Is our family the only family where wrestling requires a snack cup?
Seeing how a little bit of love can change another persons' life really changes your life too and I'm happy we are changed!

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