Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Heart is Broken

While I was in Ethiopia, I asked God to speak to me and to allow my heart of be broken for what breaks his. To clarify how He would ask me to live my life in love.  Well, my prayers were answered, and I am so sad to report why.

Remember, the little girl who loves zippers?  This one who absolutely loved Kevin, called us Mommy and Daddy and hopped in the van to come home with us? Iris?

Upon arriving at the foster home, I looked for her, as we had been told her parents were arriving the week after us, so she should be there.  I asked, I couldn't wait to give her this special gift I brought for her...A jacket with a ton of zippers.

Well, when she wasn't there, I asked everyone, and I mean everyone where she was and what happened to her, was she already home, at the Mati Orphanage still?  Where was she?

I was told that her parents came, but left and would not be adopting her.  So I immediately began to pray and try to get a hold of Kevin. (Yes Laura, this was one of my SOS messages). When I got a hold of Kevin, we immediately agreed and wanted to know how we could add her to our family and if I needed to stay longer to start the process I would.  They told me that as we had both already met her, they could proceed without me being present, so I was free to go home and proceed from the US.

So after a week of waiting, and Kevin and I wondering about what the next few months would look like we found out today, she is unadoptable.

Yes Lord, my heart is broken.  Without a miracle, that little girl four-year-old girl, will live her life in an institution.

Please pray for Iris that God will be her comforter and her deliverer, that whatever has caused this status will be lifted and removed.  And please pray that the special gift I sent back with the orphanage director for her can remain hers for a while that that the other children will not take it from her.

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  1. How can a child be "unadoptable" when there is a loving family who wants them. How can anyone leave this little angel institutionalized, at such a young age, for life. What a horrible way to live. I will be praying and if there is ANYTHING that we can do to help (A massive swarm of letters or a petition) please let us all know.