Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mommy's Little Biohazard

Being the germ freak that I am, Isaac has been handled with "kid gloves" or "biohazard gloves" or what have you since we first met him in August.  We don't share drinks, we don't share food, we keep everything seperate.
"Want some snacks from my bowl Mom?"  "No, no I don't."

Now I feel justified, Mommy's cute little biohazard has 3 issues and there are still more tests pending:
  • He has already HAD Hepititis A.  He no longer has it, but he probably had it when we were there in July/August.  He has some high liver readings, but they will retest for his 2 year old well baby appointment.  No more Hep A vaccines required, he got the immunity the hard way.
  • He has Giardia.  No wonder we have been going through diapers like they are going out of style.  Rx to start tomorrow, as I am sure you can imagine it is not common here, so the pharmacy is having to go through some extra steps to get it on hand.
  • Ear/Sinus infection - Amoxicillin to the rescue.  Except I can't have it exposed to my skin without risk of another anaphalactic reaction, so this is 100% Kevin's job.
The best news is that good hand-washing and access to clean water sources are the best way to prevent these diseases, so there is really no reason we have to worry about it spreading.  We feel like it is just another reason that putting in the clean water source is so important.  We may be looking at what we can to do bolster the clean water supply at the foster home too.

Even better, our insurance has decided to cover him, which on Monday was in question.  I guess my knowing all of the laws and quoting them or asking if they needed to speak with our attorney paid off.

Dane's still the world's best big brother!  He is helping Isaac with everything that he needs help with and being so kind and loving.  Not that he doesn't get upset if Isaac takes his toy or gets something he shouldn't have.  It's almost like they have been living together since Isaac was born.

The county health department has called twice this week, and who's to say what tomorrow and next week will bring. And since all of his records have his name recorded as it is spelled in Ethiopia, I am enjoying hearing all the different ways to butcher it.  Is Y-is-a-Q's mom there?  ;)

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