Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is It Really Almost July???

I am in shock that in less than a week it will be July.  I find that when I am traveling the time passes so quickly, as all of my home projects stack up, but I end up spending more quality time with the family after I have recovered from my trip, which puts me a little behind again.

I had hoped to have Isaac's family book done by Fathers' Day to ship to the family taking it to him on the 4th with plenty of time to spare, but I would have probably been done last week, but apparently there are more names I spelled incorrectly besides my own last name.  And to keep the lighting the same as the other pictures (read detailed-oriented scrapbooker) I had to take the photos when it was dark outside.  And since I have been on Central time, last night was the first time I made it up past 10PM and could do this.  (Thank you Summer Solstice for all of the sunshine!) So I am getting Isaac's package out in the mail today, which is a little later than planned, but it will still make it in time without extra fees.  Yes, I will be insuring this package, as after you have spent 40-50 hours on something, you don't want to have to do it again!  And I am only sending him photocopies, which turned out great from our local UPS Store!  And then I put them on cardstock and laminated them.  I am working on the covers and binding them together this morning!  Once I have the original done I will be taking photos and probably posting them. :)

So speaking of being short on time, I cannot express how grateful I have been for E-Mealz.  I just printed off this week's meal plan and Dane and I will leave shortly to go shopping for the week!

Shortly after we discovered Dane's gluten allergies, our friend April told us about E-Mealz.  It's a great way to save money, make healthy and nutritious dinners and save time.  Once a week on Thursdays, they post a one week dinner meal plan, including a main course and a side, and then a handy shopping list that matches up.  You can get a store specific list, such as Walmart, or Kroger's (Albertson's for us in the NW).  The meal plan has (generally) easy to follow instructions and within 1/2 hr - 1 hr, dinner is on the table.  They have specialty meal plan options, such as diabetic, gluten free, low fat, etc.  Since I had NO experience with gluten-free and at the time I was keeping a little more than extremely busy, I was so thankful for the meal plans.

Now we have several family and friends who are also using several variations of these plans, and it's fun to talk about, did you like this, or did you like that! I added a button to the website and if you decide you want to use E-Mealz, use this link and we get a small credit on our account and right now with flight prices to Ethiopia doubling since we originally put the budget together, every penny counts!  And share with us if you like it!!!

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