Wednesday, June 8, 2011

7 Weeks...Or More

Today I sent an email to our adoption agency contact asking her who I could send the care package for Isaac to.  It works out best if someone takes it in their luggage when they travel.  They said that they were in Colorado and leaving July 4th!  Independence Day, what an exciting way for their family to celebrate this day!  So my package will be on it's way in time!  Yeah!

But as an added bonus she told me they just found out this week AND they signed their papers three weeks ahead of us.  Based on this trend, we would be leaving in seven (7) weeks could still possibly make it over to Ethiopia for our court date before the rainy season!!!!  Rainy season is basically when they shut down the government to avoid the spreading of this little thing called Malaria.  So basically, if we don't make it before then, until the Malaria threat is over for the year, everything goes on hold.  If we make it there before, it means Isaac will make it home sooner and if he does get sick during the Malaria season, we can get him home quicker and nurse him back to health quicker.

Every year my (Patty's) company has a conference in the summer.  Missing the conference could be hazardous to my employment and going after rainy season means a 6-12 week delay for the first trip. :( There was only one week between the conference and rainy season, and we have been praying this would be the week we would get our court date.  So, while we don't have any paperwork or anything finalized, we are praying even harder for this date than ever. 

We have been so at peace with waiting, but anticipating having to pickup and leave at any moment, which means all of our plans come with a tentative "unless we are in Ethiopia" trademark response.  We were actually talking last night about how when he comes home it's probably going to be very cold for him and came up with his first nickname, "Ice Cube." It's kind of weird to think in 7 weeks we could be on another continent hugging and kissing our little Isaac (where, in fact, he will not be an Ice Cube, but we will probably still call him this!).

So while I am still putting the album together, I thought I would share a couple of pictures from our book for Isaac together.  We are trying to pick a title and deciding between, "Putting the Pieces Together" or "More than Words Can Say"  Let us know what you think or if you have any other ideas!  Glue and paper will be adhered next week. :)

 Thank you for your continued prayers!

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