Monday, November 22, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

Well, our homestudy is semi-complete waiting for our agency to approve and then it will be ready to go.  Unfortunately in the whirlwind of scheduling conflicts, we will be paying the higher fee, as the paperwork will not be in the mail tomorrow to the USCIS.  Even if the miracle of our paperwork would have been in place, it snowed almost 6 inches here last night, so the time to get around time to make this happen and the possible safety issues would not have been worth it.  Plus, based on what the FBI had told us before, we didn't even think we would be this far today, so we are still ahead of the previously revised schedule!

A friend and I were talking about her adoption(s) a while back and whenever I am disallusioned by the delays I think about something she said, "God's grace and mercy to put our families together is based on HIS perfect timing."  Knowing that this "delay" is really His provision makes this wait even more worth it than it already is.

I thought I would share some pictures for those of you who aren't able to enjoy the snow in Spokane.
Yesterday, as we prepare for the Winter Storm Warning

This morning, as "we" react to the Winter Storm.  This makes it look like Dane has done all the work, LOVE IT!

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