Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FBI Fingerprint Slowdown

Well, getting ready for my big Caribbean trip today, I decided I would call the FBI and see if our fingerprint approvals would be processed while I was out of the country, but as it turns out, they are taking 12 weeks to process instead of the 6-8 weeks we had thought.  Since everyone is blaming the economy for everything, I bet it's the economy. :)

We will have to go through this process twice because WA State requires the FBI Clearance for home study approval (great for domestic adoptions!) and then the INS requires this for the immigration process for international adoptions.  This is the only thing holding up our home study and the only thing holding up our INS application is the home study, so this technically puts us two-three months behind where we thought we were.  All with one phone call.  I am waiting for the day where progress in this process does not mean two steps forward 10 steps back.

The great news, when I called the FBI, I spoke to a person and they reviewed the status of my request within 10 minutes!  I was actually surprised they didn't put my on hold or to voice mail, so that was nice and the gal who answered was most helpful!  Also, this will give us more time to get our dossier letters updated and modified so I can relax this week and focus on other things.  And of course, this is one less thing for Kevin to do while I am gone!

Practice makes perfect, right?  I may possibly be the most patient version of myself by the time this kiddo gets home... :)

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