Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Kids are Alright!

Today, Dane had his eye doctor checkup appointment where we would determine if he needed eye surgery this summer or not.  We have been worried because we have started to see the other eye cross and then the "bad eye" cross more, so we were thinking it could be time for surgery...

But instead we were blessed with fantastic news!

His diagnosis of amblyopia has been removed completely!  His vision in both eyes match now, 25/20.  Much better than the 20,000/20 that he had in March 2010!   It turns out his eyes are doing much better and the wandering (stasbismus) we are seeing in both eyes is actually a good sign.  It's showing that they are trying to work together and re-learn what having a lazy eye has "unlearned."  We have another appointment to do a recheck in August, and where we will make sure he is making progress, so we aren't out of the woods, but at least we aren't at the hospital!

Dane has also been diagnosed with wheat, gluten and sugar allergies, which has turned our meal making upside down.  Thankfully, a friend suggested E-Mealz and they have gluten free meal plans that are delicious, so things are looking good!

So this evening as I was making a wheat, gluten and sugar free dinner, I got a call from a friend who said to check my email for a completely different reason, so I puttered around and finished dinner and finally checked my email.   Right underneath the "important" email was the most wonderful email of the day.  

An updated picture of Isaac (and measurements), and the picture said a thousand words.  He is STANDING in the picture, he is not holding onto anything, so my assumption is that he is walking!  At the very least, he has gained enough strength to hold up his own weight, which is phenomenal!  He weighs a little over 24 lbs now, and he's a little over 28 inches tall.  According to US Health standards, Isaac is obese.  Not exactly what we expected to see or hear about our Ethiopian-born child...In all likelihood the issue is because he is short for his age (I can relate).  I am sure we will learn more in the coming months, but I am thankful for this news.

We are still waiting for our court date, but we are very excited to see our little men progressing and getting healthier every day!

Yep,  The Kids are Alright!!!

Dane hunting for eggs at Easter!

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