Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Isaac...Holding Music Please...

You know when you make a phone call and they say, "Can I put you on hold?" and then before you can answer to say, "No, I called 9-1-1, and I really need help now."  they put you on hold?  That's kind of how the process is going right now.  We followed up with the agency and right now there is no new news on Isaac.  In our minds, we are thankful, because it sounds like with the slow downs, only bad news would be traveling fast.  So this means Isaac is most likely safe and still thriving.

The nice thing is that there is holding music, lots of it, a four year old full of questions and concerns and excitement.  On the way home this evening there was a sign that said "4 year olds, full of approximately 4 million questions per day."  Yep, he sure is full of questions, but as he said his night, night prayers and asked Jesus for Isaac to come home soon because he really wants to make sure he gets to eat his dinner, it makes our hearts happy that he cares so much for his brother he has yet to meet.

[Insert holding music here...]   =)

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