Monday, April 11, 2011

Some Fun Blog Statistics

Every once in a while I click on the wrong tab in the blog maintenance and I see who, where and how many people are looking at the blog and today, this just amazed me...

  • 1000+ people have viewed the blog at one point or another (different IP Addresses - NO I can't see the IP address, but apparently big blogger [brother] knows)
  • 6 continents (so when will penguins in Antarctica be able to get iPhones with FB apps? lol!)
  • 32 Blog posts by us
  • 15 Different websites feed into! (Loves to all of you!)

and what it is so awesome to me is that there's one little man who will know that this many people from so many parts of the world heard about him and were interested in him and his journey, before he had even met us.

I will try to update about the April 6th meeting by the end of the week, we were hoping to get another update from our agency before we posted about that meeting. :)

Blessings everyone!

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