Monday, April 4, 2011

Isaac: The Next Steps!

So, we have filled out all of the paperwork and it's on it's way, so I thought I would share some of the next steps, because we are very excited about them....

First, we get to send Isaac a small care package.  It was so wonderful to me because, Dane thought if this idea as one of his first responses.  He wanted to share a toy with Isaac.  After talking it over with our agency, she recommends a small blanket and a book of family photos and pets with names in English.  I have been very excited for this day, as my little scrap-booking fingers are ready for this challenge!  And I know that the critic (Isaac) will probably end up chewing on it, so I won't have to worry about getting it all perfect as much as withstanding a one-year old's daily routine and teeth. :)
Example word going in the book!

I think we will make a family outing to pick out a small blanket for him, oh, just one little blanket for our son, this will be helping us with the practice of restraint!

Isaac has a condition, hypotonia, that is probably the result of not having enough one on one attention.  It means his muscles are not developing quickly enough, and he is not walking yet.  This is actually pretty common with children in orphanages because they are often left in their crib for long periods of time.  Makes me sad that our arms are so ready for him, but we can't hold him yet. :*(  The good news is that they just had a transition house open in Addis Ababa where they may have room for him to go and there he would receive more attention and likely spend less time in his crib.  We don't have a court date, and it sounds as though we will have about two months notice once we get our court date, so this is good since we had thought we might have less time to let our employers know.  Of course, since court dates are the big hold up right now, we could be waiting months for our court date.

So our prayers are that we travel to Africa twice this year, the second time bringing little Isaac home.  Please also pray for his health and safety and that if he is moved to the transition house, that he makes this transition well.

Many blessings and thank you so much for your support!

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