Sunday, December 15, 2013

Project Life 2014

I first started Project Life when Isaac came home from Ethiopia.  I thought it would be a way to fully document his "first year." At least his first year with us.  It's kinda hard missing the first steps, but as a scrapbooker, there's this desire to document everything!

My first year was good, but very Isaac-centric. The second year has been going well, but I started realize to do it right I needed to prep the album ahead of time. So I thought I would share my prep.

I don't use the pocket folders for the final pictures, but instead to seperate and display the journaling cards.

Then I make 53 pages with paper inserted with each of the weeks documented. One for intro and conclusion and then the 52 weeks of the year.  As the year goes on, I will put the scraps into the appropriate week.  Also, I use Lightroom to import in the photos into data folders and then print the photos weekly(ish). Then I will put them in the appropriate week.

When I finalize each week I will look at my Facebook page and pull out the quotes and things going on and voila, we have it!

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