Monday, March 11, 2013

Post Op Care for Daddy

Daddy had surgery this week and getting ready resulted in a lot of Google searches without any checklists. And since I love my checklists, I thought I would share.

I have found that a care package for post op care is a great gift, and for the most part, it's stuff you already have!

• Tylenol (no aspirin or Ibuprofen),
• Ice Packs with thin towel (put them in the fridge),
• Chapstick,
• Water bottle for ride home,
• Barf bag for ride home,
• Magazines for the waiting room,
• Slippers,
• Heat pad or heat packs,
• Jello,
• Pudding,
• Chicken Noodle Soup,
• Phone List,
• WebMD info on the procedure (may include some other ideas to include)
• Grocery shopping and/or prepped meals for the rest of the family

So whether it is you or someone else, here's my list to being prepared or post op recovery.


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