Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Fundraiser...In Awwww!!!!

So when Kevin and I decided to do the garage sale, we were hopeful it would be big, but didn't really know what to expect.  Since Saturday when we posted about it... 
  • We have four family donations in our house right now,
  • About five more to pick up this week, including two full loads in the truck tomorrow from one place.
  • Others who will have items before the 20th,
  • Fliers to hand out at garage sales this weekend are almost done.
  • Thank you post cards are designed and we hope to order tomorrow.
  • A strategy for item placement and pricing.
  • Collecting boxes and bags to move items and give to people we are selling to.
  • Volunteers to help with baked goods.
  • Some volunteers to help with pricing
  • Some volunteers to help with the day of.
  • And some volunteers to help organize ahead of time!
We filled up our room upstairs on the second day, and then Kevin cleaned the carpet in the basement and we have been sorting things, returning calls, scheduling pickups and checking prices on ebay.

I should have taken pictures, but in all of the excitement I forgot.  Anyhow, we are in awe of the generosity of others and really, one person started most of this.  A friend from Facebook called had us pick up some items, told someone else about what we are doing, who told someone else, who called and has the two truck loads for tomorrow, and then they told someone else, who has a bunch of furniture they were going to sell, but decided to help our cause, so more phone calls to return tomorrow.

So we have confirmation, that we need to do this fundraiser and we will be raising some serious money for it!  We are very excited at how excited all of you are and want to thank you again and again!  And please, keep those donations coming, if you don't want it anymore, we do!!!


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