Friday, March 25, 2011


Our weekly update today brings lots of, you guessed it, changes.

In January, the USCIS "Special Ops" made a trip to Ethiopia to review cases with MOWA.  The latest findings indicate the US presence is in alignment with the proper rules and procedures, however, there may be some concerns about how some of the children are identified as adoptable on the Ethiopian side, meaning this part of the process needs further analysis.

So, and I'm not sure how they got from A to B, but paperwork may be (I read this as will almost 100% likely be) processed in Nairobi before the adoption is finalized.  In other words, an independent group in Nairobi will review the cases from here forward.  As a CPA, indepedent is a good term, but knowing their credentials as independent will be the key. (Anyone remember that thing that happened about 10 years ago with Enron and Arthur Anderson?)

They identified 1,000 cases currently in process that will be affected, and our family is one of those 1,000 cases.

There is also a meeting the USCIS is offering on April 6th to discuss the changes in more detail.  Since Kevin and I are one of the 1,000 cases, we received an invitation and at least I will be attending via phone.  We are not sure if Kevin will be able to attend.

So, we ask for your prayers and kind thoughts as this process we had thought was stable, working efficiently and predictable becomes anything but.


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